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Antique glassware is timeless. Glass artisans created pieces both artistic and functional. Crystal glass, for example, has long been prized for its clarity and the way it catches light. Also known as lead glass, this glass used lead instead of calcium, a first since 1400BC.

Cameo glass is another type of popular glass, especially in antique and collectable glassware. It uses opaque glass of different coloured and often contrasting backgrounds. It grew in popularity from the Art Nouveau period, where many of these antique cameo glass vases originated.

Glass art can be handmade by individual artists, or designed as luxury pieces by makers that include:




-Emile Galle

Every type of glass has its own unique styles that make it desirable for collectors.

Other Collectable Vintage Glass

Machine made glass from the early 1900s also has a special beauty that many appreciate, and both depression glass and carnival glass are two additional forms that are highly sought by antique collectors:

  • Depression Glass - Produced during the Depression, which gives the glass its name, depression glass was often given out for free to customers as an incentive to buy products. It is best known for its pink, green, yellow, or crystal colouring.
  • Carnival Glass - Carnival glass, another type of glass, was produced between 1908 and the 1940s. The surface of each piece was finished with lacquer that makes the product shimmery and iridescent. Meant to imitate more expensive Tiffany glass, it is colourful, with over 50 recognized colour combinations.

From vases to decanters to glasses to bowls, crystal and cameo glass is a stunning addition to any collection.

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