Clocks have fulfilled much the same purpose of telling throughout history. But the technology behind them, the design, the origin - all these have led to a vast assortment of antique clocks. From collections to statement pieces, there is a vintage clock for every home.

Few other antiques unite artistry and technological advancement as clocks do. They are ideal for decoration while working clocks continue to have a functional purpose.

Types of Clocks at Marple

In terms of appearance, there are majestic vintage clocks and Art Deco timepieces, and many types of designs in between. A clock may be a full length grandfather clock or small enough to fit on a table. We have clocks from a range of time periods made by manufacturers in England, France, Germany, and more. Popular models include: 

- Carriage Clocks

- Ship’s Clocks and Maritime Clocks

- Pendulum Clocks

- Mantle Clocks

- Regulator Clocks

Most antique clocks were made by highly trained clockmakers who worked with precision in the technical and ornamental details of each timepiece. Antique clocks had to be individually crafted by hand, creating pieces that have endured the test of time and are still functioning today.

For some collectors, clocks by particular manufacturers are particularly valuable. Clockmakers like Seth Thomas, Howard Miller, Waterbury, and William Comyns are sought after. Clocks from these makers, as well as other rare timepieces, are available here at our online antique shop, Marple Antiques & Collectibles.

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4 of 4 Items