Another unique Asian art collectable are Japanese Netsukes. These miniature sculptures - often only standing a few centimetres tall, although some can be as tall as 10cm - depict everything from animals to people to gods. Each is intricately crafted, with small, minute details that can be picked up under a microscope.

Netsuke figurines began as a type of button fastening in the 17th century. Today, they are highly collectable as artistic pieces and it is not unusual to see hundreds in a single collection. Each authentic Netsuke is handcrafted by a Netsuke-shi, or master carver, and is a one of a kind antique, making Netsukes so prized.

Our extensive variety of Netsukes, made from ivory, wood, porcelain, and bronze and dating from different centuries of Japanese history, are the perfect for the experienced collector and those getting started with Asian antiques.


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