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What could be a better way to preserve memories of the past and take a walk down memory lane than by creating your own collection of vintage toys? From those that were cult icons of their day to those that invoke your own precious childhood nostalgia, we have an excellent selection of vintage dolls, bears, figures and more that is sure to bring your exciting childhood experiences back to mind.

Our eclectic collection of vintage toys comprises everything from collectible Disney figures, porcelain dolls, and original diecast metal toy cars as well as teddy bears from such well-known toy brands as Steiff Lansdowne Models, The Brooklyn Collection, Harrods, Julie Fisher, Disney, and Hillview Lane. Our carefully chosen pieces are all in excellent condition and are ideal additions to the collection of any keen enthusiast with a love of vintage and antique toys.

Whether you long to find the toys that you never had in your childhood and always wanted or whether you’re keen to invest in a particular genre of vintage or antique toys that appeals to you, such as Disney, collectible cars or dolls house furniture, you’re sure to find something that fits the bill here at Marple Antiques.


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12 of 20 Items