Clarice Cliff

Discover the fascinating life and remarkable talent of Clarice Cliff, the visionary artist behind some of the most iconic pottery designs of the 20th century. Born in Tunstall, Staffordshire in January 1899, Clarice Cliff's journey as a master enameller began at the young age of 13. Her exceptional skills soon led her to A. J. Wilkinson's Royal Staffordshire Pottery, where her innate ability for drawing caught the attention of her peers.

Driven by her passion for artistic exploration, Clarice attended evening classes at Burslem School of Art and even pursued studies in sculpture at the renowned Royal College of Art. Yet, she was drawn back to her roots, establishing her own small studio in Wilkinson's Newport Pottery, where she lavishly decorated classic white-ware pieces with her distinctive flair.

In a daring move, the market testing of 60 dozen pieces of the revolutionary "Bizarre Ware" was orchestrated by the visionary Colley Shorter in 1927/8. Salesmen at Wilkinson's were astounded by the audaciousness of Clarice Cliff's designs and the extraordinary speed at which they sold. Thus, "Bizarre Ware," lovingly hand-painted and aptly named by Colley Shorter himself, was unveiled to the world.

Experience the allure and enchantment of Clarice Cliff's masterpieces with our carefully curated selection. Immerse yourself in the vibrant beauty and unparalleled artistry that has made Clarice Cliff a true legend. Indulge in the magic that is her legacy, and let her timeless creations captivate your heart.


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