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Silver is truly timeless, with both sterling silver and silverplate vintage items cherished for their classic allure, enduring value, and resilience over time. From silverware to flasks and boxes, these highly coveted pieces effortlessly add sophistication to any collection. At Marple Antiques, we offer a diverse range of silver and silverplate items perfect for collectors and enthusiasts.

There are two main types of silver antiques:

1. Sterling Silver
2. Silverplate

Sterling silver, composed of 92.5% silver with added alloys for strength, follows the exceptional standards set by Britain for its production. The use of "hallmarks" by skilled silversmiths not only signifies the maker and origin but also plays a vital role in identifying these timeless pieces for collections today.

On the other hand, silver plate presents another form of antique silver. Unlike solid sterling silver, silverplate involves layering a thin coat of silver over a base metal such as nickel, offering a more affordable yet equally lustrous option.

Delve into the world of silver plate and sterling silver antiques, spanning various historical eras and encompassing a wide array of objects. From the peak production era between 1870 and 1920 where sterling silver flatware reigned supreme in upscale households to the present day, these items have adorned tables and mantelpieces with grace and elegance.

Beyond flatware and cutlery, silver and silverplate collectibles extend to serving ware, flasks, goblets, tankards, card cases, and snuff boxes, each adding a touch of antique charm to any setting. Whether for practical use or as captivating display pieces, the enduring value and allure of these silver antiques remains unmatched.

Discover the beauty and lasting appeal of vintage silver items, each cherished for its craftsmanship, history, and intrinsic value in the world of collectibles.


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