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Silver is timeless. Both silver and silverplate vintage items are prized for their classic appearance, value, and their ability to withstand the tests of time. Silverware, flasks, boxes, and more, are all highly prized items that are easy to showcase or use to your heart’s content. We have a variety of silver and silverplate items here at Marple Antiques, perfect for any collection.

There are typically two types of silver antiques:

-Sterling Silver


Sterling silver is made of 92.5% silver, with additional alloys for strength. Britain set many of the standards for sterling silver production. Silversmiths used “hallmarks,” or stamped the silver to indicate the maker and where it was produced. These hallmarks are essential in identifying pieces for collections today.

Silver plate is another form of antique silver. Instead of being solid sterling silver, the object is plated with a thin layer of silver, usually covering nickel beneath. Silver plate was, and remains, a less expensive silver option while still having the same beautiful lustre. 

Silver Plate and Sterling Silver Antiques

Silver items date from eras throughout history, and almost any object can be found made of the material. However, the height of silver production and consumption occurred between 1870 and 1920. During this time, sterling silver flatware, or silverware, became the standard for table settings in homes that could afford it, and many had sets numbering in the dozens or even hundreds of pieces.

In addition to flatware and cutlery, other collectible items of silver and silver plate include:

-Serving Ware

-Flasks, Goblets, and Tankards

-Card Cases

-Snuff Boxes

Because of their longevity, many silver antiques can still see use today. Others make for beautiful display collections or centrepieces. Because the silver itself is valuable, vintage silver is highly prized.

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