Peter Fagan Teddy Bears

Peter Fagan is a British artist, best known for designing and sculpting miniature animals and teddy bears. He was founder of the Colour Box company and responsible for collections including Pennywhistle Lane and Centimental Bears.

In 1987, Peter launched a collection of Colour Box Teddies. This collection was based on his wife's, Frances, interest in teddy bears. It is said that a purchase of 4 old teddy bears from an antique store, while on vacation in Bruges, is the inspiration for the collection. This collection rapidly grew to become the company's most successful collection; so successful that Peter changed the name of the company from Bronze Age to Colour Box, to leverage the success of the brand. Each teddy bear was modeled from one in the Fagans' collection and was accompanied by a short background story about the bear, written by Frances. Peter and Frances continued to collect teddy bears, including rare and antique bears, and the collection of miniatures was likewise expanded.

We invite you to browse through our selection of gorgeous teddy bears by Peter Fagan and make one or two yours.

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3 of 3 Items