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The first teddy bears were invented almost simultaneously by two different companies. In America, the founders of the future Ideal Toy Company created a stuffed toy bear and named it after the American president at the time, Theodore Roosevelt. In Germany, toy manufacturer Steiff created a plush bear based on those he had seen at the zoo.

Initially made as a children’s toy, these classic teddy bears today are highly collectible. They bring back a sense of childhood nostalgia and are charming keepsakes. Whether you’re seeking a childhood keepsake or take pride in your collection of hundreds of teddy bears, our online antique store at Marple Antiques & Collectibles offers many vintage bears that are perfect for your bed or closet.

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From antique teddy bears from the earlier 20th century to collectible bears from the 1980s and 90s, we have bears from the quintessential collections made by:

- Steiff

- Russ Berrie

- Boyds Bears

- Ganz, and Other

Steiff and Ganz were some of the original producers of teddy bears and still make some of the finest plush toys available. Their antique bears and limited edition collectable series bears have become valuable collector’s items.

Russ Berrie and Boyds Bears both produced collectible teddy bears in the second half of the 20th century. Neither of these companies make bears any longer, increasing the rarity of these vintage items available today. Those bears that remain are even more special, both in the antique market and within your personal collection.

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