Although all antiques hold their own history, books can be said to have a double story. Not only do they contain a tale within their pages but there is also the story of the book itself – its illustrator and author, its inscription, and its printing history.

Here at Marple Antiques & Collectables, we have an exciting and carefully chosen collection of antiquarian and collectible books including first editions, collector’s editions, and signed copies that are sure to satisfy the curiosity of any bookworm.

Although age is perhaps the top reason for collecting books, there are many other reasons why books may be collectible. From having a specific dust jacket, a special feature or signature, to having a unique typography error, or being a limited print edition, there are many reasons for books being highly sought after.

The Folio Society published some of the collectible books in our range. This London-based publisher has produced illustrated editions for decades, and with their high quality printing and beautiful artwork they are a number one choice for many collectors, especially those that are limited editions.

Thanks to their artistry, stories, and history within their pages, vintage and antique books represent the best way of celebrating your favourite authors and novels. Whether you’re a keen booklover or need to find a gift for someone special, we’re sure to have just what you’re looking for.


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12 of 13 Items