Books are one of the most popular collectables, and rare books – vintage ones that have less availability and features of added valuable – are perhaps the most highly prized.

Book collectors know that few other antiques hold the same stories that books do. This includes both the written story and that of the book itself - its author, its illustrator, its printing history, its inscription.

Among collectible and antiquarian books you’ll find at Marple Antiques and Collectables, we often have:

- First Editions

- Collector’s Editions

- Signed Copies

Age is one of the most popular reasons to collect a book, but it is not the only one. A book can be collectible for a range of reasons. A limited printing, a specific vintage dust jacket, or a special feature like a signature or even a particular typography error can all make a book a sought after item for the right collector.

A range of our collectible books are published by The Folio Society, a London-based publisher that has been producing illustrated editions of beloved books for decades. With the highest quality printing, these books showcase beautiful artwork on their covers and throughout the pages. Some are limited editions and all the more unique.

With stories, artistry, and history in their pages, antique books are a great way to celebrate your favorite novels and authors. They also make personalized gifts for book lovers you know. Whether you are searching for a special edition of your favorite book or are an experienced collector, our books at Marple Antiques & Collectibles are an eye-catching standout on any bookshelf.


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