Ceramics & Pottery

Combining beautiful artistry and form, ceramics are an eye-catching and decorative conversation piece. Vintage ceramics and pottery are crafted by hand, based on the style and designs that resonated with the artists the most.

At Marple Antiques & Collectables, we have all different types of ceramics and pottery, including busts, figurines, miniatures, and vases that stand out in any area they’re displayed. Their range of styles - ranging from refined to bold to charming - is part of what has made ceramics so popular for years.

Whether you choose only to display ceramic pieces or use them as their original owners would have, each of these ceramics represents a piece of both art and history.

While ceramic dinnerware and art pieces have been used in homes for thousands of years, many of the most collectible pieces were made by manufacturers based in England in the 1800s and early 1900s. Ornamentation as an aesthetic reached its height during these decades, and it is apparent in the detail found in pieces by luxury manufacturers like:


-Carlton Ware

-Royal Doulton


-Royal Crown Derby

-Royal Worcester


We also have pieces crafted locally in Australia, and one of a kind porcelain artwork by individual artists throughout the world. The history and elegance of pottery and ceramics makes each of these pieces unique for the buyer whose taste it matches most.

Yet ceramics are also highly collectible, whether as figurines or dinnerware. Many porcelain manufacturers created a limited number of similar sets, and authentic pieces from these sets can form an undeniably impressive collection. Find your antique ceramics and vintage pottery here at Marple Antiques & Collectables.

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12 of 132 Items