Ceramics & Pottery

Exuding quaint charm with such a delicate material, Marple Antiques & Collectables has sourced a range of tasteful vintage ceramics and pottery sure to bring a smile to anyone interested in collecting these gorgeous works of art. A combination of artistry, imagination and skill, ceramics and pottery created by hand express the very essence of the artists who make them, and we know that you will enjoy having these exquisite pieces decorate your home.

Whether you’re searching for an online antique store with busts, figurines, miniatures or vases, Marple Antiques & Collectables has a charming selection to capture your attention. It may be a simple yet modern design you’re searching for, or you might have a penchant for something a little showier. Whatever your tastes are, we guarantee you’ll find that special piece in our online vintage pottery and ceramics collection.

Combining art and history, our ceramics and pottery come from some of the most prestigious names in the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. Our collection changes often, but you will find a large choice of vintage pottery and ceramics from the likes of Wedgwood, Carlton Ware, Moorcroft, Beswick, Royal Doulton, Royal Crown Derby and Royal Worcester.

Take a look at the ceramics and pottery on our online antique store below and we hope you’ll find something that chimes with you from the current collection.

12 of 280 Items
12 of 280 Items