Royal Doulton Bunnykins Nurseryware

Bunnykins tableware has been adorning homes since its introduction in 1934. Featuring delightful depictions of Mr. and Mrs. Bunnykins and other rabbits dressed in charming outfits, these pieces bring colorful rural and small-town English scenes to life. Each design is exquisitely transfer-printed on pristine white china, making Bunnykins a truly captivating collection.

The earliest Bunnykins pieces, signed by the talented artist Barbara Vernon (also known as Sister Mary Barbara Bailey), are incredibly rare and highly sought after. Their scarcity adds a touch of exclusivity to these already cherished items. Notably, Bunnykins china was even used by Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret, solidifying its place as a popular choice for christening and birthday gifts in middle-class English households.

While Sister Mary Barbara Bailey discontinued her drawings for Doulton & Co in 1950, the legacy of Bunnykins continued. A new era began with Royal Doulton's art director, Walter Hayward, taking the reins. His creative vision breathed fresh life into Bunnykins as he crafted enchanting designs for both tableware and figurines.

One such example of Walter's artistic contributions can be found in the beloved storybook, "Picnic for Bunnykins," which was published by Kestrel Books in 1984. This delightful tale showcased Walter's incredible Bunnykins drawings, captivating readers young and old alike.

With its rich history and endearing designs, Bunnykins tableware remains a timeless choice that effortlessly brings joy to any occasion. Discover the allure of Bunnykins and let its charm grace your home today.

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12 of 13 Items