Art Gallery

Art has long been one of the most valuable and treasured collectables. Paintings, drawings, and sculpture tell a story of an emotion, a time, a place, a culture, and so much more. An artist can render scenes ranging from the realistically detailed to fantastical. Landscapes, portraits, scenes, still lifes, and illustrations take us to a moment in time and place - whether real or imagined - in a way that evokes feeling.

Many pieces of antique art are one of a kind. Others, like prints and etchings, may be one of only a few produced. This is part of the appeal of these vintage paintings and prints. Their history, style, and of course the piece itself are unique to every artist.

Art has always had an important place in history. Spanning thousands upon thousands of years with ever evolving styles and schools, every piece of art provides the viewer with a different experience.

Our collection of art includes:

-Watercolour Paintings

-Oil Paintings


-Prints, and More

Each of these pieces is by artists that span across cultures and eras. The variety in antique art means that almost everyone will find pieces they enjoy. Even those who may not know about the technical side of an art piece may appreciate the artwork that resonates with them.

Whether you seek a particular artist’s work or a piece to be the focal point of your decor, you can always find beautiful and intriguing vintage art here at Marple Antiques & Collectables.