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Throughout the ages, art has been viewed as the pinnacle of human imagination and talent, with hundreds of talented painters creating exquisite works of art which today are valued at millions of dollars. Whether it’s an oil painting, a watercolour, a drawing or a print, art evokes something in all of us that drives interest in a piece, wanting to get inside the mind of the creator to discover their emotions and though-processes, and ultimately how we feel about their creation.

Here at Marple Antiques & Collectables, you can discover a wide selection of carefully chosen classic artwork ranging from realistic and highly detailed pieces to flights of fantastical fancy. We have collected a range of portraits, landscapes, scenery and still lives which we know you’ll love, each one a unique piece of history that you can hang in your home or office.

Even if you have never been involved with the technical side of creating a piece of art, there’s no reason why you can’t discover a new-found appreciation for a certain piece of artwork which resonates with your being.

Browse the range today on our online antique store and we hope you’ll find something that you love. Check back regularly as we are adding charming new pieces to our art collection all the time.

12 of 23 Items
12 of 23 Items