Antique and vintage jewellery are sought after items for many. Not only are they beautiful and unique – they are also functional, arguably timeless, as people choose to wear their antique jewellery and pass them down to future generations.

Since jewellery spans as long as human history, there are styles to suit any taste, from classic Victorian rings and necklaces to one of a kind Art Deco brooches. A vintage piece can dress up an outfit for a night out or be a stand out feature in daily wear. Antique rings can add a special touch to an engagement proposal.

The types of jewellery we have here at Marple include:

- Necklaces

- Bracelets

- Rings

- Brooches

- Earrings

- Watches

There is also antique jewellery designed for men, such as cufflinks, tie clips, and pocket watch chains. Often made for discerning gentlemen, these remain prized additions to many modern collections.

Find Unique Antique Jewellery at Marple

We offer vintage jewellery from many makers and artisans around the world. There are pieces made of gold and sterling silver, incorporating diamonds, pearls, turquoise, and other precious stones and gems.

These are only a few of the materials most often seen in vintage jewellery. Notable 20th century jewellery designer Lea Stein developed a process to create unique brooches. Antique cameo rings, necklaces, and brooches were crafted from glass for a striking contrasting design.

Antique jewellery is popular with collectors, but also makes a special gift that is entirely unique, offering something that modern jewellery cannot.

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12 of 16 Items