Set of 15 Antique Thimbles on Stand

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Product Description

Add a touch of antique and vintage charm to your sewing collection with this exquisite set of 15 antique thimbles on a stand. Each thimble tells a unique story of craftsmanship and history, from a Birmingham 1911 Henry Griffith to a Chester c1900 Charles Horner.

Display these thimbles on the elegant 18cm tall wooden stand included, showcasing intricate details and fine materials such as sterling silver and steel core. The collection features a variety of designs, including the renowned Charles Horner 'Dorcus' thimbles, each with its own distinctive style.

Perfect for collectors or sewing enthusiasts, this set of antique thimbles makes a wonderful addition to any craft room or display shelf. Embrace the beauty of the past and elevate your sewing experience with these timeless pieces of history.

The set includes:

1 x Brimingham 1911 Henry Griffith, 1 x Birmingham 1890 cc May &  Sons, 1 x Birmingham 1902 Henry Griffith, 1 x Chester c1900 Charles Horner, 1 x Birmingham 1984 Bernie Leigh, 7 x Chester c1900 Charles Horner "Dorcus'' -Dorcas invented by Charles Horner is the way of putting one sheet of steel lined between two sheets of sterling silver.

1 x Birmingham c1890 Henry Griffith - sterling silver over steel core, 1 x c1900 Charles Iles silver plated, 1 x vintage Strathnoid England aluminium