Bronze was once one of the most popular materials for creating sculptures, primarily due to the detail the artist can capture and the strength of the metal. These sculptures are cast, where the artist creates a mould of the sculpture and fills it with liquified bronze. The bronze hardens and the mould is removed, leaving the sculpture in its place.

The level of detail in bronze is made possible by the metal alloy’s unique properties. As the bronze cools, it expands, filling in even the finest lines in the mould. A well crafted bronze sculpture can have details that are lifelike, and because of its strength, those details often withstand the tests of time.

Find Vintage Bronze Art and Sculpture Online

Marple Antiques & Collectables carries many different types of bronze pieces in sizes that range from the small to the massive. We have an ever-updating number of bronze antiques and art, with artists that have included:

-Alfred Louis Barye

-Louis Barthelemy


-Paul Eduoard Delabrierre

-Salvatore March

We also carry many works from unknown artists, some of which are hundreds of years old and from cultures all over the world. So few of these bronze pieces remain, as many were melted down for war and other uses. That makes each one even more special, and the perfect piece to have in your home.