Vintage Scarves

Vintage scarves are more than a clothing item. They are a piece of wearable art. Designers make their scarves with screen printing, a process that uses a separate screen to apply each individual color in the scarf. This is a complex and time consuming process and designers usually limit the scarves they produce in each design, making them highly collectible.

Notable designs on vintage scarves include motifs of flowers, butterflies, birds, horses and carriages, and scenes. Silk was the most commonly used material for antique scarves for its luxurious feeling and beautiful drape. Brands that are particularly sought after by vintage fashion lovers and collectors include:


  • Vintage Ferragamo Scarves
  • Vintage Hermes Scarves
  • Vintage Gucci Scarves
  • Vintage Chanel Scarves
  • Vintage Valentino Scarves

Vintage scarves from these designers were most popular in the mid-1900s. Today, they compliment modern fashions or bring a touch of vintage to your look. Look through our collection of vintage silk scarves available for purchase here at Marple Antiques.

We dry clean all our scarves before selling them and any imperfections are noted on the product description.