Quirky & Interesting

The thrill of antiques is that so many finds are unexpected. A collector might find one of a kind art pieces, common objects with unusual features, items that bridge cultures, and those that are simply fun. We collect some of our most special items here at Marple Antiques and Collectables, from the completely unique to the simply curious.

What Makes an Antique Item Interesting?

Every antique item comes with its own story, sometimes known to us and sometimes not. In some cases, it is guessing the story behind these pieces that make them so interesting. Other times it is the appearance, where the item is so unusual that it becomes an instant conversation piece.

We have several quirky and interesting antiques here at Marple, including:

-Shipping Lights

-Miniature Ivory Carvings

-Georgian Corkscrews

-Japanese Hand Carved Sculptures

-Antique Perfume Vinaigrette Cases, and More

Many of the most interesting collector’s pieces often come from cultures you may not expect. Throughout time, people around the world have created art and made useful items that are still treasured today.

See More Fun, Interesting, and Quirky Items at Marple Antiques

Every antique tells a story. But sometimes, it’s the surprise of that story that makes it so interesting. See some of the quirky and unique vintage items that we have for sale here at Marple Antiques. 

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12 of 28 Items