At Marple Antiques and Collectables, we’re always rotating our inventory to make sure that we have fresh vintage items for collectors to find and purchase. Sometimes, that means that we need to also help some of our older antique items find some good homes faster by offering them at discount rates. You’ll find almost every type of antique here in our sales section, including:

  • Pottery and fine china
  • Books and art
  • Sculptures
  • Glasswork
  • Silver pieces, and more

Although these antique clearance and vintage items for sale are available at a low price, the cost is not reflective of the value. All of these items remain of the highest quality unless otherwise noted, and are being sold at a lower cost to make room for more fun finds. Explore our antique items for sale today, or browse the rest of our antique shop to find the products you need.

12 of 13 Items
12 of 13 Items