Monthly Finds

We are always on the lookout for more antiques to offer our customers, because we know that each find is one that could make someone else very happy.

Each month, we add our “new” finds to our collection here. These can range from antique ceramics, jewellery, artwork, clocks, and so much more. The items are bound to be unique. Many will be beautiful. Some will be quirky. All will have a history of artistry and use that makes them both a conversation piece and prized possession in your home.

Checking back here often to our Monthly Finds section is a great way to find a highly desirable antique or collectable before anyone else, giving you the first chance to grab it before it has been snatched up by someone else.

Whether you are looking for a particular antique piece or you will know the right item when you see it, our monthly finds is the first place to see our featured items, and your first chance to add them to your collection. You can also sign up for our newsletter, to find information about new and antique items the moment they’re placed for sale.


11 of 11 Items
11 of 11 Items